Warren F. Rosenbaum

Welcome to my information website.  I am a conservative single Christian man currently writing a book to 1) clarify people's understanding of a Christian life, 2) to prove God exists without referencing the Christian Bible, 3) and to join Jesus in His quest that "none should be lost" such as deceased loved ones and deceased military persons.

My assignment in life is a deceased souls advocate through Jesus for those soul's potential salvation.  More on that subject as my book takes shape in 2011. Hint: This includes family who were not "saved" before dying and ALL MILITARY PERSONS WHO DIED AS ACTIVE DUTY OR RESERVE MEMBERS DURING COMBAT OR IN TRAINING because they were in God's service, defending His blessed nation, the United States of America. God's soldiers do not have to be "saints" to be saved.  Proved in the Bible because of a Just and Loving God.

I am also "Pro-Life" with a project called Life Day.  More information go to www.lifeday.info. Life Day is another step in a string of events apparently satisfying God's reason for my being here.

I am a strong defender/advocate of Israel by understanding the Middle East situation. Read Benjamin Netanyahu's book, "A Durable Peace", subtitled "Israel and Its Place Among the Nations" (year 2000 update) for clarification of Israel's absolute right to exist in their homeland without the socalled "Palestinians" who became an entity only in 1964 under the corrupt and murderous leadership of Satan's tool, Arafat.

I am a strong supporter of re-establishing our Christian-American heritage in education and government through truthful, documented history; not the horribly misleading half-truths that are the mindset of the public due to false education and purposeful deception.  For documented truth, go to www.wallbuilders.com and TV's "American Heritage" on Christian channels.  Those who are patriotic truth seekers will be motivated by this information.

Please visit the other pages of my website.  You will find the material well-written, entertaining, enlightening, and hopefully motivating toward making a bigger impact with your life.  Contact me directly at wjogger@aol.com if you wish to discuss any of this material further.


Warren F. Rosenbaum   (Picture: July, 2008)
(801) 368-7521
1735 Cherokee Drive
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062-3322

March 9, 2008, 1 week after moving to Pleasant Grove, Utah, from Fresno, Calif., I experienced some white, frozen, Utah sunshine. The driveway of my sister's home where I"m staying for a while as I launch my priority projects. My van is a multi-task vehicle, especially useful for carrying my bicycle to riding locations. I'm a roadie though not active this year due to higher priority time requirements. (Calif. Triple Crown in year 2000.)
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