Warren F. Rosenbaum
Current Projects

My three projects are:  First - Knowing that human life begins at conception (AND implantation) and desiring to further this irrefutable fact to all persons, I am promoting Life Day.  Each person's Life Day is the computed day when that person's unique physical characteristics, talents and abilities are set for eternity.  Each person, a remarkable, unique being, was created on that day.  Over thousands of years and billions of people, there has never been an exact duplicate so you and everyone else are a creation to be acknowledged and celebrated!  For detailed information go to:  www.lifeday.info

Second - Freedom, free will, human rights, are all fruits of democracies, as opposed to dictatorships.  The safety and long endurance of this country is closely associated with the safety of Israel.  I am schooling myself in the political science of promoting democracies to  replace dictatorships in all countries, especially those hostile to our two nations.  The current threat of nuclear, chemical, and biological WMD's useage by terrorist sponsoring nations MUST be recognized and acted upon with resolve.  No quarter shall be given to liberal mindsets who are clouded by appeasement solutions that NEVER work.  Military power for deterrence and political strategies for dissemination of historical and current truths will be the two-pronged solution for success, along with diplomatic steps to eradicate perpetually taught hatreds.

Third -

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